no reason at all

I love how you take twice as long as anyone to fix your sandwich.  I love that you make me laugh harder than anyone can.  I love that we take bike rides.  I love the way your green eyes lock with mine.  I love when we pray.  I love that you like me reading aloud to you.  I love how you like my silliness.  I love that you value my friends.  I love how you will chase me down even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.  I love when you tuck me in.  I love laying in your arms.  I love just knowing you’re there.  I love the promises you’ve made that will never be broken.  I love that you know I trust you.  But most of all I just love you.

On Pirates and Scrabble

I’d like to formally announce to all of you that I am now officially in the “know” as far as Pirates of the Caribbean goes.  So I’ve watched this trilogy of movies more times than I can count and have always loved them.  However, the only problem here is a strange paradox–how one can love a movie and not follow it in the least.  It’s true.  If you were to ask me what these movies were about, I couldn’t tell you.  Kevin is just baffled at how this is possible (not so much the “not understanding” part as the “not following and still loving” part.)  Anyways, I just spent the last couple hours fully engaged in the second movie of the series and GRASPING every last aspect of it.  Well done, I say.

Another proud moment in my life as of recently refers to my husband’s blog.  In his most recent post he comments on how he’s not nearly as entertaining and funny at blogging as I am.  At reading this, I burst out with an exaggerated “YESSSSS!”  (hands thrown up in the air and all.)  I’m not gonna lie, he keeps me laughing my face off every day, but I’m so happy to know he thinks I’m funny in my blog!  =D
Friday was fun.  Britt stopped by on her way through to Canada (I LOVE our housing location…what benefits!)  and we drove to the nearest David’s Bridal for my turn at trying on bridesmaid dresses.  I’m so thrilled at the opportunity to be in my first ever wedding…as a participant that is, and not the bride. ;-)  I have the honor of being her Matron of Honor and I’m way enthused!  We found and purchased the dress, did some shopping at Target (pronounced “tar-chay”), and split a lunch in their very high class cafeteria.  
Besides putting up a solid competition in a full game of Scrabble with my love (quite a feat, if I don’t say so myself), we’ve been enjoying a relaxing, “do nothing” Saturday, complete with a bike ride to the Eastern Market.  This is the life.  
PS.  In case you’re interested, I have entitled this photo:  “Because I refuse to pay $1.00 to dry our laundry”

“Afternoon, Gorgeous”

yep, that’s right.  My love makes me blush when he send me random IM messages from work.  He’s the best!

For this particular post, I actually have a little post-it compiled of all the random things I wanted to write about.  I know, I know, it’s hard to believe I would make a LIST!  
1)  The Hotdog Incident.  So Kevin gets home from lab last night and we decide we’re not extremely hungry.  The menu was going to consist of mac and cheese and salad as well as a Ballpark Frank for Kevin.  While he’s in the shower, I decide to try my hand at grilling…but before I can do that, the hotdog needed defrosted.  Sure enough, I basically cooked the thing in the microwave.  Lamo.  Then, I go out to put it on the grill and I’m amazed at how easy it is to start the grill!  I go back inside to do other food prep things and by the time I go back outside I realize the hotdog is nearly burnt (but still edible). Crap.  As I go to put the dog on the plate, it slips off the turner and onto the ground.  GROSS.  Now, my husband thinks I’m trying to kill him…but honestly, I just stink at hotdogs.  
2) Vanna White’s Dress.  I loved the dress Vanna White wore last night.  loved.
3) Babysitters4hire.  Last night it occurred to me that I know many college friends who babysit/nanny for the summer and make great money doing so.  That said, I found this website ( and registered.  Who knows if anything will come of it, but it’s worth a try!
4) Subbing.  The thought had crossed my mind and how I’ve had at least 3 or 4 people mention the idea of substitute teaching to me.  Though working in a school would not help with our financial situation for the summer, it could be the perfect situation for me come fall.  I’m thinking of looking into a substitute position in a Christian school or applying for a Bible teacher’s job.  yay, ideas!
5) “Ridin’ bikes and being engaged…” (I mean “married”…sorry, inside joke…friends made fun of the adorable engaged couple riding bikes around SAU’s campus last year…)  Anyways, Kevin and I each have a usable bike now.  woooooo!  So this morning, I decided I would ride into work with him then ride back by myself. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but the 7.5 miles wasn’t too bad and neither were the directions.  It was really exciting to spend that extra time together, and exercising to boot!  A new tradition??  Time will tell. :)
6) Well, besides discovering the wonders of Google Calendar and trying to stay cool without turning on the air conditioner, that just about wraps it up.

Undercover Movie Star??

I just remembered one of the funniest, most unbelievable stories ever…and I just can’t wait to tell it!  So in between our wedding ceremony and the reception the entire bridal party went down to Lake Shore Park on the shores of Lake Erie to get our pictures taken.  Steve Newton was sitting up in the pavilion with his daughter Kara while Beth, our flower girl, was in our photo shoot.  Later on, he told me this true story.  There was a young girl and her mom walking along the pavilion and they looked down to see us taking pictures.  The little girl said, “There’s a wedding happening down there!”  Then she went on to say, “LOOK, Mom!  [pointing at me, the bride] There’s Angelina Joli!”  

I about fell on the floor laughing after Steve recounted this story.  I was sure he had just made it up, but he was honestly claiming it to be true!  Well.  I’m pretty sure I don’t look a thing like Angelina Joli, but I’ll take that as a compliment nonetheless.  

life, love, and other mysteries

So I have this situation.  We’ve had our wedding thank you cards done for almost a month now.  (Ok, not quite a month…considering we got married a month ago TODAY!  “Happy Anniversary, Mel & Kevin.”  Why, thank you!) Nonetheless, I feel awful that I haven’t sent many out yet simply because the cost of postage to mail all of these notes is not the first thing our priority spending list.  Oh, well, I suppose people won’t hate me if they have to wait a little longer than expected to get their thank you.  (I’ve read that Thank You card etiquette requires them to be sent within 3 months from the wedding date.  I think that’s ridiculous and I’m sure you all know me better than to put off something like this…but just know it will come…)
And seriously, our wedding was absolutely phenomenal.  The many friends and family that traveled hours to celebrate with us was just an unspeakable blessing.  Many brides have told me that the day passes like a blur and it is nearly impossible to remember anything.  However, due to some car confusion, we ended up being the last ones out the door at our reception.  Not the original plan, but it was wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with nearly everyone who came.  I have always been irritated with wedding receptions and the fact that you just eat and talk to the people at your table…and if the bride and groom do come by they say a quick hello and move on.  But Kevin and I really wanted to make an effort to make our day more meaningful for everyone involved.  The ceremony details were planned and chosen in such a way that the guests all knew each step meant something to us and the reception was more fun than I could have orchestrated!  Thank you for making our day more than perfect and for those who weren’t able to make it, thank you for your prayers and your cards of blessing!
Well, I’m not really sure that was the direction I was originally planning on taking this entry, but it will suffice.  Let me leave you with this:
“I thank my God every time I remember you.  In all my prayers for you I always pray with joy…And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ–to the glory and praise of God (Phil. 1:3-4, 9-11)

I like picture uploader

After the demands of my hundreds of fans (or a suggestion from one good friend…) I decided to upload the pictures of the photo arrangement I talked about yesterday.  I hope you like them! (oh, and ps…the couch is from my grandma and is in great shape…it’s just not our favorite style.  lol.  So, eventually, we’d like to slip cover it!)


First of all, I thought the world needed to see this “Kodak moment” I couldn’t resist capturing.  Here is Kevin and Ben searching for Waldo in Kevin’s childhood copy of Where’s Waldo?  I thought it was adorable (slash hysterical).  

Little Susie Homemaker

…and proud of it. :)  Today was a “fun day for me.  I had the usual morning then decided to whip up some brownies for the ice cream sundae party we’re having tonight with Kevin’s family.  (It’s the big Canada-US “Freedom Festival” fireworks!)  Then, since I had so many bananas starring me in the face just pleading to be made into something delicious, I decided to oblige.  I used a recipe I had received as a wedding gift to make 2 yummy loaves of banana bread–one for tonight…one for later. ;-) mmm, mmm.  As I was baking up a storm, I wished I could keep going.  No, for real.  I really wanted to bake more cookies and more breads, etc, etc.  That got me thinking.  I said to myself, “Self, it would be super cool if I started a baking business out of my home.”  Considering I’m still unemployed, this sounded like a brilliant (not to mention deliciously enjoyable) idea.  Who knows if it would actually be profitable, but I would probably get some friends out of it.  (And don’t worry, I would try my best not to become like Monica in the Friends episode “The One with the Chocolates” where she secretly loves making chocolates only because it makes people like her.)  lol.

Exciting mail again today!  My picture order came.  So now, instead of this random couple in the frame hanging above our couch, it’s filled with pictures of Kevin and Brian through the years.  And on the other side (of our signed autograph wedding frame) is a frame with pictures of my sister, Ash, and me.  I just love it!  Also, in this brown frame with 6 openings I have put in a selection of wedding pictures that were developed in “sepia.”  I think it looks awesome. :) A little more homey every day…
It was great to have Magan and Bekah stop by for a visit on Saturday night (on their way to the airport.)  We had a pasta dinner and then hung out while watching the greatest show ever-Camp Rock!  Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it was a fun movie nonetheless.  And…..Magan bought us our very own copy of “She’s the Man.”  We were super excited!  It’s one of those movies our friends quote all the time…and is quite hysterical….”Bros, brothers…Brethren??”  oh my…..(guess you had to be there…)
We had a blessed time at church on Sunday.  We decided to go to Sunday School, and despite the wild goose chase we had to go on to find the class, we were thankful we did.  God knows just what we need.  We’re both so thankful for belonging.
This has been Silly Songs with Larry.  Tune in next time to hear Larry sing, “Bob is really angry.  I hope he doesn’t catch me.  It’s hard to run with this sombrero on my head.”  

A Rainy Saturday

It’s been another good 24 hours.  First of all, we were able to pick up our car from the shop and were quite pleased to only have to pay $60.  (Certainly zero dollars would have been ideal…but that’s ok.) Unfortunately we might need to invest in a new battery, but we’re both so thrilled to have our vehicle back.  Last evening after Ben arrived, we had a delicious dinner of homemade pizza, breadsticks, and salad (thank you very much…) and then ventured out to the wonderful world of Meijer.  Kevin and I picked up lots of needed groceries and the three of us found lots of snacks to keep our mouths occupied while watching the Tigers’ game.  

We woke up around 9am and I fixed a pancake breakfast for all of us (Ben had spent the night.)  mmm, mmm.  Thank you, Aunt Jemima.  We lounged around for the remainder of the morning before Kevin’s “new-used” bike was delivered!  3 cheers for online shopping and $50 bikes.  
It was at that point when the torrential downpours began.  The rain was quickly flooding the streets and gutters and was blowing its way into our apartment.  The noise became deafening as we looked out to see large balls of hail pounding the sidewalks. That put a damper on our “let’s bike to the market” plan, but remember…we had our car back, so it all worked out in the end.  Our produce shopping was quite successful…delicious cantaloupe for a dollar, huge heads of romaine for $.75, and 5 lbs of bananas for a dollar!
(sure, they’re getting brown, but we LOVE banana bread, banana muffins, banana cake, etc, etc, etc.)
Now we wait and see if our next set of guests can find their way here…

pancakes, mac ‘n cheese, and pilates

welp, that pretty much sums up my morning.  No, for real!  We’re down to one egg and a cup of milk so that limited the breakfast options, so I made pancakes.  This is one item of food that we will not be running out on any time in the near future.  (So if you come visit us, I hope you like pancakes, cause that’s what you’re gonna get.)  

I also made Meijer brand macaroni and cheese to send with Kevin for his lunch.  Then I did pilates.  Just like I do every morning.  It’s a good time actually. :)  I haven’t gone running outside since last week for two reasons.  1) My foot was still healing it’s torn muscle (?) and 2) my mom and grandma have me all paranoid about becoming the next headline:  “Young girl killed in the park while jogging.”  Oh well.  I hope to get the ellipse from Kevin’s parents sometime soon. 
The mail was pretty exciting yesterday.  (Don’t mock me, I have to take joy in the little things in life.)  My new Michigan license arrived…and I’m not gonna lie…it looks good.  For real, though, even the license bureau lady said, “Wow, that’s a really nice picture.” *happy*  I guess I’m officially a Michigan resident.  (Shouldn’t there be some sort of party thrown in my honor???  Or at least a cake?)
We also got our first church newsletter.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been as excited as I was, but finding a place to belong, a place that wants us involved, and a place that has “salad potlucks” to welcome the new youth pastor and his wife-to-be is awesome. :)
After dinner last night, we watched Little Miss Sunshine.  Have you seen this movie?  Cause you should.  (but if you’re at all offended by language or homosexuality…don’t.)  It was only the 2nd time we had watched it, but I think it’s one of those shows that just gets better every time around.  It leaves you thinking, “What the heck did I just watch?  That was awful.  But that was so awesome.”  
A week ago, Kevin and I planned on doing nothing this weekend.  That doesn’t seem to be happening, however.  We have a friend coming up to visit and stay the night tonight, we’re planning on doing some serious shopping at the produce market on Saturday, then that night another friend and her sister are hanging out with us until they pick up their other sister at the airport.  (It’s nice we live by the airport…gives people an excuse to visit.)  Then Monday, his family is coming up for the Freedom Festival Fireworks.  We’ve decided that each of these things is great, and even though we might not get to do “nothing” as we planned, it’ll still be  great time. 
So in a nutshell:  our car is getting fixed.