The One with all the Afghans

My thoughts for the day:

  • It’s so exciting to finish a book, but so sad when you realize you’ve finished.
  • I love that one of my best friends can just stop in on her way to and from Canada and the US. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes.
  • I love finding common bonds with new friends.
  • We got a package in the mail yesterday. It was from our good friend, Faith. She crocheted us a beautiful ivory afghan with brown edging as our wedding gift. I was almost moved to tears. She said, “I couldn’t bring myself to sen an ‘ordinary’ present to two people who are so special–so I made one instead.” How cool is that?
  • Is it weird that I’m so excited to be going to the town that I grew up in, then I grew to dislike, but now find comfort in? Maybe it’s because I still call it “home.” Is that bad? (I mean, I have moved on, I’ve left my parents to cleave unto my husband and all that. But that place is just know as “home” in my mind.)
  • I actually pulled out one of my textbooks today to read. Well, actually I wanted to use it as a study guide alongside my Bible. It’s funny how much I loved my classes and now I’m learning to love the textbooks too. Granted I had awesome textbooks. This one is a guide to the Prophets. I was reading Obadiah.
  • What should we have for dinner?
  • I wish I had money to spare on items found at an extremely oversized rummage sale.
  • I can’t think of anything else. If I do, I’ll let you know.

The One with the Humidity

I am ashamed slash proud of the fact that I used the pinesol, mop and mop bucket for the first time this morning (very nice supplies thanks to Elizabeth). I sweep (especially our bathroom) about twice a week, I vacuum about that much, I clean the sinks when they get dirty and the same goes for the toilet, counters, and the mirrors. I don’t know why in the world I put off the mopping. I guess it just seems like a lot of preparation for two very tiny squares of linoleum. Nonetheless, it’s done. Floors are clean. I’m sweating (because it’s 80 degrees and insanely humid). And our home now smells like Pinesol. (Not a bad thing, just to clarify.)

The chocolate chip cookies are made are STILL soft. I can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a recipe that keeps the cookies soft. I’m crazy excited about it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I cut the recipe in half (except for the vanilla…I love vanilla) but I just put the whole egg in…I figured it was too much hastle to cut an egg in half. Hee, hee.

My bike tire was pierced yesterday morning as I rode into the parking lot. A little tiny piece of brown glass had imbedded itself in the rubber and air was leaking rather quickly for such a small hole. Anyways, I didn’t think (or rather Kevin advised against it) it would be a good idea to ride the bike to the bike shop (wow…), so I dropped Kevin off at work this morning and will load my bike in the car this afternoon to pick up him and get the tire fixed. (For hopefully as little money as necessary.)

That said, I decided to try my hand (or rather my legs) at running. I figured I would feel much safer if I ran while Kevin was still at home. So off I went. It was certainly muggy, and the route I took wasn’t too bad, but I just don’t think my heart is in it like it used to be. I’m not just a city runner. I’m jealous of those who are, but I much prefer calm suburbs and rolling country hills. And maybe one day (if and when we return to the Arbs.) I will find another married woman to be a running partner. Cause that would just be fun. Someone who’s about the same fitness and speed as I am, but who will keep my challenged. (As well as good huffing and puffing conversation.) I realized this morning how much I took the little fitness center for granted. I hope to be back there one day and get to use it once again. And maybe by then, they will have taken my advice and expanded the room and the equipment. :)
[….wow….can anyone say “soapbox”]

The One with the Clouds

I’ve had the urge to whip up a batch of good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies. Our “snack” selection is running a little bland, so I thought this homemade goodness would be just the remedy. I decided to make only half a batch since we’re leaving for my hometown on Friday. That said, despite the humid heat that was already penetrating our walls at 11am, I went to work. The result was quite delectable. [Though I only had one, thank you very much.]

I’ve had a message screaming to me from every book, every thought. It’s finally sinking in I believe. God is in control. He’s got an awesome plan for me, for my employment, for our future. Sure, I may have applied at every restaurant, office, and shopping center in the area…and sure, it may seem that any old someone can get a job like these…but I’m not. And there’s a reason for that. God, you have my full and undivided attention. I will just wait for that mind-blowing opportunity, that perfect provision, the proof of your intimate care to reveal itself when you chose to bring it to my attention.

This is what I read yesterday concerning marriage during life’s clouds and storms. “And true strength is found, not by drawing by some inner personal reserve nor by leaning too heavily on each other, but by sinking roots deeper and deeper into your trust in the promises of God, and together relying on Him to come through for you. A marriage thus secured will never be broken apart or uprooted.”

Then, this morning I found the words from O. Chambers to be convicting in the same vein. “clouds are those sorrows or sufferings or providences which seem to dispute the rule of God. It is by those very clouds that the Spirit of God is teaching us how to walk by faith. If there were no clouds, we should have no faith…Unless we can look the darkest, blackest fact full in the face without damaging God’s character, we do not yet know Him…You must get to the place where there is ‘no one any more save Jesus only‘.”

The One with the Potluck

We were pleasantly surprised when we got to church today. Being gone for two weeks keeps pertinent information from you. There was an all-church potluck following the morning service. Three cheers for that! [side note: what on earth is the origin of the term “pot. luck.”? You bring a pot of something and you get lucky cause everyone else brought pots too? or what?] After a great time of fellowship in Sunday School and a good study of Philippians 1 in the service, we were all herded back to the lunch. Boy was it delicious! There were more drink options than I can remember, and the dessert tableS…don’t even get me started on the dessert tableS! :) There was an amazing Italian sausage chili among other great casseroles and salads, and Kevin and I were able to get to know a couple from our Sunday School class a little better.

After a hot ride home, I decided to make use of the apartment complex pool. (I’m pretty sure I’m the only person to have been in that pool yet this summer!) I was kinda freaked out about using it and having people watch me from there windows, but the community was fairly quiet this Sunday afternoon, so I took the risk. :) I spent about a half hour cooling off and pacing the width of the pool while memorizing 3 Bible verses for church (January’s – March’s). It was a really good time actually. (I hate to admit that I must be a sort of a “pacer”-memorizer. It works.)

Have I told you lately that I love strawberry jam?

The One with the Bookshelves

Isn’t it funny how on the days you can sleep in, you still manage to wake up at the same time your dreadful alarm normally sounds? Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about (and if you don’t count yourself blessed), but that’s what happens to me every weekend. But you know what, even though I could be bitter about it, I’m not. Yeah, that’s right. I’m not. Sure, I go back to sleep for about an hour (still getting up at 8am for “no reason” on a Saturday), but I don’t mind living in a routine. I think it’s the healthiest pattern after all. And as long as you don’t have to hear an alarm beeping telling you you have to get up, then it’s really not that big of a deal. [*whew* Now that I got that off my chest.]

Our Comcast cable and internet went out this morning so we were without the “essentials” of life. But no fear, we made the best of it. :) Yup, you guessed it. We popped in a disc or two of Friends (a la Sara Luke). It was a good time. We decided when we watch Friends together we’re going to work our way through the seasons chronologically…but if I’m home alone or whatever, I’ll just pop in whatever I grab first. (Glad you know that now, aren’t you?)

Kevin’s folks arrived around 11:30 with Brian and Gpa & Gma in tow. They delivered our lovely set of bookshelves…which look just marvelous under the oversized wall-clock in our living room. (I spent the hour or so after they left toting crates of books from our upstairs closet to fill our shelves. And they look wonderful if I don’t say so myself…so full of literature of all sorts [classics, childhood fiction, marriage topics, theology texts, and chemistry resources of course.]) Around noon we hopped back in the van and headed for Xochimilco…the best restaurant in Mexican Town. mmmmmm, mmmmm. I had the chicken chimichangas with rice and beans. (Well, I had one chimi…one’s in the fridge for later. *smile*) We got quite the “tour” of Detroit trying to follow the GPS directions. ha, ha!

After stuffing ourselves, we rode into Eastern Market where I immediately spotted a great deal on strawberries=1lb. for $1.00! We bought 4 lbs. and his parents bought 8 for $7 and brought them home to make strawberry jam! (wow, I can’t tell you how much I love homemade strawberry jam…and now we have 10 pints in our freezer!) Kevin and I also found 10lbs of potatoes for ONE dollar.

Oh, and we finally made our way into the Rocky Peanut Company right there beside the market. I was expecting barrels and barrels of peanuts everywhere and nothing else…but I was mistaken. This was a great bulk foods store…pasta, rice, chocolate, spices, baking products, candy, coffee, etc, etc…oh and Peanuts of course! We bought 2 lbs of long grain brown rice.

I’m hoping we might venture over to Comerica park tonight around 10pm after the baseball game to catch a close up of the fireworks. That would be fun, don’t you think?

on nerf guns & coffee mugs

Can I just say how excited I was yesterday when I realized what geniuses we were for getting married Memorial Day weekend!? It occurred to me that for the rest of our lives, our anniversary will fall on a holiday that happens to give us a three day weekend. How sweet is that?! (oh, and p.s., this picture was taken at Paul & Jacqueline’s wedding.)

Last night after multiple phone calls and consultations with Google Earth, Stella and her mom made it into our apartment for an evening of great conversation, banana bread, tea, and coffee. (Have I mentioned how much I love hosting??) After they left, Kevin proceeded to pour the leftover coffee into an enormous root beer mug so we could refrigerate it. Pretty soon I heard, “Oh no!” The hot coffee had managed to crack the glass up one side, through the inch thick base, and up the other side, spilling the coffee out almost as fast as it was being poured. It was a sad day. Especially for Kevin who adored his oversized mug.

Speaking of Nerf guns, I have a love/hate relationship with this toys. I love to shoot them. I hate being shot. Seriously though, I get scared (or maybe just a little nervous) when the gun’s barrel is aiming my way. Orrrrr if it’s aimed at the ceiling. This became Kevin’s favorite pastime yesterday evening as I was laying on the couch. He would shoot the nerf darts at our high vaulted ceilings and wait for the unknown moment when they would fall from their perch and land on me. Every time I managed to look up at the wrong moment finding a dart an inch from my face. *sigh* Boys….gotta love ’em.

I’m onto my fourth Rocky Mtn. Lori Wick book. Loving them.

So tonight is the apartment complex party–resident appreciation or something of the sort. There’s going to be food, prizes, and of course the meeting of neighbors, so I’m looking forward to it being a good time. (And with free food alone…how could you go wrong??)

Tomorrow afternoon is exciting as well. Kevin’s parents and grandparents are coming up around noon for a lunch in Mexican town. (Wayyyyy excited about that!) Then we’re going to peruse Eastern Market and probably spend a bit of time back at our place…arranging our new bookshelves my mom found for us. It should be another blessed afternoon.

Still no word from the job market (or lack thereof.) Though today marks 2 weeks since I turned in my app to Old Navy…and I made a call into the store inquiring about the status of my application and they told me that the headquarters in New Mexico handles all of their hiring and contacts applicants no sooner than two weeks after receiving their information. So this is me praying. Oh, and I also turned in two applications to a local charter school system recommended to me by a good friend. I applied for a paraprofessional position as well as an office manager. We’ll see if anything comes of that.

In closing I would like to share the words of Malachi 3:10 (which I discovered on my church memory verse cards.)

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”

me:::a to z

ok, before I start the second post of the day, I must admit that the “a to z” portion of this title reminded me of the Friends episode where Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe are trying to find their Christmas gifts from Monica. Instead they come across their gifts from Chandler…one of which is a set of book ends in the form of the letters A and Z. Subsequently, the girls make ridiculous fun of his “az.” Now on to me.

A. Attached or single ? Attached and loving it!

B. Best friend ? My lover (& more girls than I can list…)

C. Cake or Pie ? Pie…especially of the berry sort.

D. Day of Choice ? Friday or Sunday. Can’t decide.

E. Essential Item ? Water Bottle

F. Favorite Color ? Blue

G. Gummy bears or worms ? Worms…the sour neon ones to be specific.

H. Hometown ? Ashtabula (sound it out….”ash-tah-beula”…not “ash-tah-boola”)

I. Favorite indulgence ? Books. Or Chocolate. or Both.

J. January or July ? January. Yay snow!

K. Kids ? Ummm, some day…in the distant future…for sure.

L. Life isn’t complete without ? Relationships:::with Jesus, husband, family, friends, etc.

M. Marriage date ? May 24th, 2008 (oh, hey…it’s been 2 months today!)

N. Number of brothers & sisters ? One gorgeous sister (and one awesome brother-in-law.)

O. Oranges or apples ? Apple girl all the way (anything except red delicious. BORING.)

P. Phobias ? Pillows (or anything) covering my face. Bridges.

Q. Quotes ? “The glory of God is a man fully alive.” (Irenaeus)

R. Reasons to smile ? This is a ridiculous question for someone like me who smiles all the live long day (except when I’m stressed, or ticked, or cranky)

S. Season of choice ? Winter (again I say, “Yay, snow!”)

T. Tag 5 peeps ! Britt, Magan, Ash, Angie, Maria

U. Unknown fact about me ? *thinking, thinking…* I know more about golf and it’s players then any other sport.

V. Vegetable ? Broccoli.

W. Worst habits ? Biting my fingernails. Worrying. (they’re kinda tied together I think…)

X. X-ray or ultrasound ? Umm, what???

Y. Your favorite food ? FRUIT.

Z. Zodiac sign ? Scorpio (and so is my husband…makes life interesting don’t you think? *wink*)

On dating

A date is what you make of it. That’s what I say. That’s what I’m learning. Yesterday around 2pm, Kevin sent me a message from work saying there was a staff vs. organic lab soccer game at 3pm (apparently there was this big tunry all summer and this was the “finals”.) He asked me if I wanted to join him. I wasn’t necessarily in the mood to change out of my jeans and sweater (yes…it was about 70 in our house all afternoon…glorious!), but when he said it could be a “cheap date” I thought I’d oblige. That said, around 2:40 I grabbed my bike and was off to Wayne’s chem bldg. Kevin met me at the corner of Mack and Cass and we rode the rest of the way together. We stayed until half time and rather enjoyed our bikeride home. Kevin took me home on a different, more exciting route then we usually take. We rode all the way through downtown on Woodward, past Comerica Park, many high class restaurants, and of course the sky scraping buildings. It was a ride I wouldn’t have wanted to take alone, but following my love made it quite fun!

Stella is coming for a visit tonight around 9pm on her way to pick up a friend at the Detroit Metro Airport. I’m really excited to visit with her before she leaves for grad. school in Florida…especially since her car broke down on her way to our wedding. I think I shall whip up some banana bread and maybe have Kevin make some coffee (since I’m really not that great at it…)

This weather is my most favorite! The last three days have been cool, sunny, and breezy. Awww…basking in the glory of it!

And in closing, I’d like to share a prayer that a friend prayed over me a few days ago.

LORD we know that you are a provider. You have proved that time and time again in your word and in our lives as well. Remind Melanie and Kevin that You would not have made them, created them, and brought them together if You were not planning to and able to take care of them and give them what they need. Teach them what is a necessity and what is a want. I pray in this time they would draw nearer to You and nearer to each other. LORD I pray that you would provide a job for Melanie. God I just feel like you have something bigger than she might even be thinking of right now. I ask that you would open some doors that they might be able to continue forward in this time. LORD we ask for supernatural provision. I pray that when they need something it would arrive. LORD you are our shepherd and we lack for nothing. We claim that promise today. Amen.

The things that make you go “awwwww”

Kevin’s parents’ outdoor cat, Twiggy, had four kittens about five weeks ago. Kevin and I stopped by the house the first weekend of family camp and I was dying to see the little guys. I had never seen kittens so tiny and so adorable. They fit right in the palm of Kevin’s had. We both fell in love with them–especially the only yellow one. It’s not exactly the right time to take on the expenses of a pet, but man oh man is it ever hard to leave them behind. We lovingly named “our” kitten Frisbee (gender neutral…since you can’t really tell yet.)

The second weekend of camp, we stopped by for a visit yet again, and were pleasantly surprised to see how much the kittens had grown…and how they were actually learning to use their legs. :)

Aren’t they just irresistable?