The One with the Ice Cream

As I mentioned yesterday, Kevin and I had plans to stop by Coldstone in the afternoon to cash in his free treat birthday coupon.  Well, lo and behold as I’m watching the 12:00 news I hear about a big time movie that is calling for extras for their filming in Greektown.  Ok, ok.  This is cool.  A film taking place right around the corner from my house.  (Wait a sec…why didn’t I go out for that?  I totally could have starred in a movie!!!)  Anyways, I decided to pay close attention to the precise location of this filming because I knew Coldstone was right near Greektown.  Sure enough…Monroe St. was completely closed for the day.  I could even see the Creamery in the background of the News footage as if mocking my desire for the lactose goodness.  Well.  That’s just great.  
I tell Kevin of this irony and he discovered there was another Coldstone right over by Meijer.  A bit of a longer drive (15 minutes versus 2) but no trouble finding parking and no need to pay for that spot.  (Paying for parking=my least favorite thing about the city.)  Despite the potential destruction of our plan, we were able to thoroughly enjoy our ice cream date.  I ordered a “Like it” (small) of Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream with Snickers folded in and Kevin ordered the “Gotta Have it” (large) of the specialty creation “Mud Pie Mojo” (=coffee ice cream, oreos, peanut butter, roasted almonds, and fudge).  I had a hard time ordering such a small size, but I went away saying, “That was just the right amount of ice cream.”  (Normally, I’m moaning and groaning…)  It was perfectly creamy and chocolately and lovely.  
Today I plan on driving to Monroe early afternoon to spend a few hours cleaning like a mad woman in the time I have before the Light the Night (halloween alternative).  

The One Where Melanie Wore Socks to Bed

It’s official.  We’re living out of boxes.  I don’t even want to count the number of times I’ve had to dig through a taped up box to find one little item that is necessary at the time (particularly in the kitchen.)  *sigh* oh well.   I can hardly believe that we are moving this Saturday.  We’re both getting really excited…especially since we were given the first ever tour of our new home on Sunday evening (the people finally moved out!)  It’s going to be a wonderful place to live and entertain.  Also, I got a call yesterday from a church member who knew of a family getting rid of some furniture.  So sometime this week he’s going to be delivering a king sized bedroom set (including mattress/springs, 2 side tables, a long mirrored dresser, and a chest of drawers…evidently “like new”!) and a couch and chair (which will certainly be useful in the youth room of our finished basement!)  How cool is God?!  :)  
Despite all the wonderful aspects of this move, I admitted to Kevin this morning that I’m feeling a little bittersweet about the whole thing.  Mostly because this apartment was our first home together.  And for the first time in 4 years I really felt like I had a permanent home.  We loved this place.  I have even come to love the city, the freeways, and the entertaining characters in the area.  Though I’m loooking forward to feeling more free to roam about the neighborhood in Monroe, I will be sad to say goodbye to our Detroit apartment.  
Also, I finally gave in.  Up until last night at 10:30, we had yet to turn on the heat in our house.  The temperature remains around the 65 degree mark which was tolerable until I was getting ready for bed.  You see, our bedroom window lets cold air basically blow through our apartment, so yesterday I decided to keep the door closed to preserve what little heat was left in the rest of the dwelling.  That was great.  during the day.  But at night, I had forgotten to turn on the wall heating unit in our bedroom so it must have been below 60 degrees.  brrrr.  So the heat is now on (though set at 68).  The unfortunate part is that the vents in our room don’t seem to blow any air (ac or heat)…so the door is closed again today.  *sigh*  At least we were cozy last night.  
In about 3 hours I’m picking my Love up from work so he can have the afternoon at home to study.  But before that…we’re stopping by Coldstone Creamery downtown and cashing in his birthday certificate for a free sundae!  Yay ice cream!

The One with the Pies

A little update, anyone?
Yesterday I went running for the first time in a long time.  Today, I feel it.  I’m sore, I cannot lie, but it feels so good.  (expect for the scrapes and cuts on the palms of both of my hands where I tripped and fell.  Yes, I’m ridiculous.)  Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would miss this form of exercise that tears you body apart, but I do.  It’s the most encompassing work out I have experienced as of yet.  Sure, there’s biking, walking, and ellipsing, but none of those reap the same total-body results.  (No, I’m not implying that I’m suddenly a rock solid piece of flesh, but I can feel the impact of the jog.)  Winter’s coming, we’re moving and that poses a little exercise problem for moi.  I think I’ll try to jog whenever I can (i.e. when it’s not pouring rain or snow and the temp is about 25 degrees F), and on other days I’ll use the handy ellipse.  Some day I’d love to have the luxury of a gym membership and/or a treadmill of my own.  (I just think having a treadmill set up in our “exercise room” would be great to have around…whether it be running on or just taking a stroll to stretch while keeping warm inside and watching some T.V.)  In any case…
This evening marks the start of Kevin’s birthday weekend.  No, he didn’t request days and days of celebration, but I just think he’s worth it.  His birthday is officially Monday, but Mondays are pretty much the worst day for a birthday to fall on.  Nonetheless, I’m baking a chocolate cake for him to take into lab to share with the group at their weekly meeting.  (Reminds me of elementary school…but everyone likes cake right?)  I think he might get his birthday presents from me that morning before he leaves, because he’s trying to convince me that he shouldn’t have to wait until the day is nearly over.  :)  Sunday is youth group day and one of the students offered to bake a special treat in honor of him.  
Saturday, my husband is thrilled to have nothing to do.  Now, this may sound lame, but seriously folks, for the last…um…we can’t remember how long…we have spent the weekend away from our apartment.  Not that those mini-trips weren’t great, but it’ll be nice to wake up in our own bed on Saturday morning whenever the heck we feel like it. :)  There will probably be some UofM v Mich football action happening in the afternoon, but that’s about it.  
Tonight should be kinda fun too!  I sent Kevin a really colorful (literally) email this afternoon inviting him to join me at the movies tonight.  I found a dollar theater nearby that’s showing some pretty decent shows (from the summer) and he’s chosen Hancock.  I’m not at all disappointed considering Will Smith is awesome no matter what film he’s in. :)  This little night on the town will follow a stop for pizza and a taste of the strawberry rhubarb pie that just came out of the oven. =D  (note on the pie:  a few weeks back you may remember me trying my hand at apple pies.  Well, the whole crust procedure was quite a challenge for me so I was glad to have this “practice” before Thanksgiving rolls around.  Well, in case you’re wondering, I was able to get the crusts perfectly rolled out on the first try!  The 30 min. refridgeration tip really helped!  Now let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks!)

The One with a Tired Girl

Right now High School Musical is on the Disney Channel.  And I’m very happy about it.  Mostly because there was nothing else good on between 8 and 9 when my favorite show ever {Criminal Minds} comes on.  But no, seriously.  It’s been to long since I let down my guard and enjoyed the good ol’ cheesy musical.  (With Kevin nonetheless.  Poor guy.)  I think I need to see the third one eventually.  I’m secretly excited about it’s theater appearance.  Although, maybe I should view the entire second movie first.  lol.  
In other news, I was awesome at Wheel of Fortune earlier tonight.  The category was “Before and After” and there were 2 Ss and 1 M on the board.  Typically I dispise this category, but out of nowhere I shout, “Simple Simon Cowell!”  Woot!  It took the rest of the people all but 2 letters to figure it out.  Kevin was mighty impressed with me.  *proud*  
Then I napped.  I was tired.  And my head has hurt for a few hours.  And I didn’t get my nap this afternoon.  
But you know what I did get this afternoon?  I surprise from my love…who decided to come home at 2:30!!!  Yay!  He came along with me on my Meijer trip and we enjoyed the little “date”…particularly the amazing deal on Doritos. :)  

The One with a few Photos

After spending a wonderful Friday evening eating delicious food with family to celebrate Brian and Kevin’s birthdays and playing a rousing game of “personal preference,”  Saturday dawned the perfect fall day for a wedding.  Kevin and I took off for Battle Creek at 11:30, looking quite lovely I must say (*smile*), and made it perfectly on time for the wedding of our dear friend Erin Joy to her love Peter.  We got to catch up with some long lost friends and we have a nice time celebrating their wedding day with them.  Enjoy a little look into the afternoon. :)

The One Where Melanie Gets to the Point

So I just realized that I never actually got around to writing about the blog title in yesterday’s post. sheesh. I must be getting old. Anyways, the point of the “sponge” was to describe to you the conclusion I had come to the other day. If you know me well, you must have realized by now that much of what I like and do and say is often influenced by those I spend most of my time with. Now, this is not to say that I am a victim of peer pressure. There is no way that anyone would ever convince to do anything I didn’t want to or didn’t think was right. Ok, now that that’s cleared up…this is what I mean.

In reference to my television habits, I have come to the conclusion that I am an eclectic viewer thanks to my family and friends. Specifically: I watch shows on HGTV and TLC and Discovery Health thanks to my mom. I enjoy some reality t.v. and sitcoms mostly because of my sister. I am a sucker for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy because that’s what my grandma Mary always watched when I was with her. I stopped mocking and started loving MacGyver thanks to my Kevin. I have just recently gotten addicted to Food Network and I believe this is rooted in my Grandpa Nick’s “obsession” with cooking shows. I, of course, love all crime shows thanks to my Daddio. I now religiously watch Gilmore Girls because of my college girls’ influence. And I keep up with shows such as Heroes and Survivor due to Magan.

The same of course is true of my music habits. I get tastes of various artists, albums, songs, and genres from so many people and I think that’s great, but in case you’re worried that I an unopinionated “sponge” I would have you know that the final decision on my “favorites” (music, television, movies, etc) is made my MOI.

So thanks, people. I like what I like because of you.

The One with the Sponge

So many exciting things.  Ok.
First, I’m eating applesauce.  Out of the jar.  And enjoying every uncultured minute of it.  (Yes, I do have manners.  And yes, I do know when to use them.  But I’m also not a hard-nose about it.  the end.)
Second, I’ve finally organized the iTunes on this desktop.  (Oh speaking of which, a word of explanation for those of you who haven’t heard.  My baby iBook [my Mac laptop for those of you not so technologically savvy] is officially dead.  Nothing can be done to save it or anything contained on it’s harddrive.  It was hard news to take, but the truth must be accepted.  I have mourned and moved on with my life.)  Back to the music.  I love that I can actually find the songs I want to listen to and that I have my lovely playlists formulated once again.  *happy sigh*
Third, my birthday present from my husband is sitting beside me on my desk.  We ordered it off Craigslist and went to pick it up last night.  Yes, I know, not much of a “surprise” for me, but just to keep with the spirit of the more-than-a-month-away “holiday” I’ll keep it a secret from all of you.  (Don’t spill the beans if you know.  lol.)  
Fourth, I had forgotten all the goodness of Subway.  Oh, and Kevin and I have a new pasttime…call it “Would you rather” or something along those lines.  He comes up with some sort of ridiculous comparison (such as “Who would win in a fight? Batman without his utility belt or Superman with a kryptonite necklace?”)  and I have to make a decision and give reasons.  We played it for a full half hour on our ride home last night.  It was hysterical.  Topics ranged from “Who would you rather play you [Mel] in a movie? Martha Stewart or Hilary Clinton?” to “Which would you rather disappear forever? All fastfood or Panera?”  (In case you’re wondering, Kevin went with Panera “hands down” and I chose fastfood.  I figure, you can always find a good sandwich or soup, but you can’t find that satisfying grease just anywhere.)  
Fifth, we were informed of an apartment inspection occuring today.  (Not much to inspect here when 90% of our stuff is in boxes in the loft…) I got back from biking, cooled down to a little Ellen and The Doctors and hopped in the shower with this funny inclination that Mr. Inspector would arrive when I was doing just that.  Sure enough through the water running and the loud exhaust fan, I heard a man yelling something or other (probably informing the occupant of his entrance.  I’m still not sure if he inspected anything, but he left me alone and was gone by the time I was done in the bathroom.  oh dear….)
Well, I hope I have sufficiently entertained you for today.  In a few hours I’ll pick up Kevin from school and we’ll drive to Steaks Eatery where we’re meeting his family to celebrate his 22nd and Brian’s 15th birthdays.  Yay!  We’re staying the night and heading to Battle Creek Saturday to the wedding of some wonderful friends.  (Will I cry? Hmmm.  Bets anyone?)

The One with the Visual Aids

The following is a photo documentary of our weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving.  Descriptions found above image.  (Yes I’m a professional, in case you were wondering.)
Kevin and Mel chilling before Thanksgiving dinner:::

Mel & Kevin showing off their marksman skills (Mel was a first time genius at it.):::

Mel’s expression tells it all (That is, she GOT the clay pigeon):::

Friday night burger dinner and the laugh-to-tears that ensued (“I do TO get up at 6:30!”):::

Mel & Kevin enjoying the sunny downtown while Britt & Nick do their photo shoot thing:::

Sometimes he catches her off guard and throws her over his shoulder:::

The Four Amigos (aka catelog models):::

Mel & Britt being ridiculous as always:::

post script.  if you’re just checking my blog for today….please take note of the actual writing that took place this morning. :)

The One with the Pastors

Despite the fact that my alarm went off at 6am yesterday morning, the day was quite delightful.  I drove off toward Spring Arbor while the skies were still dark and thoroughly enjoyed the rising sun showcasing the changing leaves.  I arrived at the Pastor’s meeting right on time and had plenty of time to meet some new faces and partake of the fresh fruit and other breakfast foods.  I’m not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated at the thought of participating in a pastor’s event where I was the “young” girl who just became a youth pastor and still doesn’t really know what she’s doing. But it was good.  And not at all scary.  Meeting with fellow conference youth pastors was great and we are talking about developing a wiki website in order to more effectively share materials, plans, ideas, etc.  
When noon rolled around, I met my father in law for a really tasty lunch in the d.c.  (funny how good the food is when you don’t have to eat it 3 times a day for an entire school year.)  As anticipated, I got stopped numerous times on my way to the table by friends who were shocked and excited to see me on campus.  It was a really fun little reunion day. :)  After I had finished my vanilla ice cream, I stopped by the choir room where Chamber singers were just finishing up.  I succeeded in thoroughly distracting the group but was nonetheless warmly welcomed by Dr. Livesay and the others that I knew well.  (Let me just say how much I miss singing in a group of us high caliber.  Never again will I have such an opportunity.)  Once we singers had reminisced sufficiently, I ventured over to Dr. Brewer’s office (since we hadn’t caught up since May).  He was in a staff meeting so I popped a squat on the front porch bench in the sun and waited.  Two of Kevin’s chemistry profs stopped by to chat for a while and I already have them brainstorming 5 years into the future (trying to figure out how they might best be able to use him as a new PhD in their department.)  Who knows. :)  
By this time, I had visited as many good friends as I could and was ready to head out.  I got a call from Britt that she and Nick were basking in the sun nearby.  I stopped by for a visited and soon after I had popped a squat, Dave, KD, Gavin, and Chris were all joining us.  An hour later, and only after a really great visit, I drove away to head back to Detroit.
I made it home in time to hop on my bike and meet Kevin on campus after his last class of the day.  His face glowed a bit when he saw me waiting for him and that made my trip well worth it. =D